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Hello! We're Eastside 👋 The home of Custom Discord Bots

It's time to take a step back and reinvent the world of bots on Discord. You use lots of bots for your server, on Eastside; after a few clicks, you have your own custom bot; fully customizable.

Trusted by professionals - free forever

Stand out from the crowd with Eastside Bots

We merge all of your Discord bots into one.

Your own status, your own avatar, your own commands. All for free & you don't need to learn how to code.

Discord Moderation

Moderating your Discord server is difficult. With Eastside Bots, it's a piece of cake; the key features of any moderation bot, built right into our custom bots.

Action Log

You want to mitigate admin abuse, or keep track of deleted messages. With our integrated action log, we'll log every action taken within your Discord server.


Taking feedback from your members is essential to keeping your server active. With our suggestions module, you'll never have to worry about unhappy members.


Keeping your server members entertained should be a priority. Our Custom Bots offer fun commands, animal commands, trending games like akinator and much more!

Roblox Verification

We made Roblox Verification for your Discord Community easy, with custom nicknames; rank binds all from one bot, your professional custom bot.

Roblox Group Controls

Controlling your group should be easy. It's easy on Eastside Bots, you can promote users; post a group shout; demote users all from your custom bot.